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Whether you need an eye exam, emergency eye treatment, or eye care for advanced ocular conditions, Clinic for Vision PC offers it all!
Our Albertville, AL eye doctors pledge to provide the best optometric care available today.
We promise to always: 

Maintain a Friendly and Welcoming Environment- We strive at all times to be welcoming and positive, so that you always feel comfortable and relaxed while with us. Our staff is approachable and happy to assist; whether it's answering a question about eye care or helping you find the best possible solutions for your eye and vision needs,  we aim to be gentle and trustworthy advocates for your eye and vision health.

Provide The Highest Quality Patient Care - Our experienced and caring optometrists know how to cater to the individual needs of each and every patient. We know that our patients throughout the Albertville area put their trust in us to ensure they have the highest quality eye care available. Through comprehensive eye exams and the most up-to-date diagnostic treatment options, we aim to improve your vision, your eye health and your quality of life. We are also committed to providing the most up-to-date and advanced diagnostic technology available and staying up-to-date on industry innovations.  We make sure to invest in the best equipment and personnel training always.  

Provide Unequaled Experience and Expertise To Our Patients -  Our eye doctors and professional eye care staff have many years of experience in treating all types of vision and eye threatening condtitions (our specialties are glaucoma and cataracts!) and helping our patients to see and feel their best. This experience has taught us the importance of a smile, a positive attitude and an understanding ear when it comes to providing the best eye care in a welcoming environment.

We are also proud to serve BoazGuntersville, Crossville, Geraldine and Hyatt. Schedule an appointment with one of our Albertville optometristsDr. Timothy C. Nichols O.D, Dr. Kathryn B McCurdy O.D. and Dr. Rich McCurdy O.D today.

Contributed by: Dr. Timothy Nichols

Using Cutting Edge Technology to bring Top Eyecare to Albertville

eye exam Albertville, ALAn autorefractor helps determine your glasses prescription. An autorefractor evaluates the way an image is focused on the retina, where vision processing takes place,  without the need for you to say anything. This makes autorefractors especially useful when examining young children or 
people who may have difficulty with a regular ("subjective") refraction. 



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