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Expert Tips for Comfortable Contact Lens Wear

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Wearing contact lenses can be a convenient and hassle-free alternative to traditional eyeglasses. However, ensuring a comfortable and easy contact lens experience requires some essential tips and tricks. Here are expert-recommended suggestions tailored to various aspects of your daily life:

Beauty Tips for Contact Lens Wear

Putting on your contact lenses before applying makeup can help prevent any makeup particles from getting trapped behind the lenses. Water-resistant mascara and eyeliner can also minimize the risk of flaking or smudging. Additionally, if your eyes appear swollen, red, or infected, avoid wearing makeup or contact lenses and consult your eye doctor promptly.

Computer Tips for Contact Lens Wear

CFV 492114 contact lens comfort blog 2190 Blog 1200 x 900Taking regular breaks from staring at your screen and readjusting your focus every 20 minutes by looking at objects at varying distances can help reduce eye strain and discomfort. Remember to blink frequently, as digital device usage often significantly decreases normal blinking frequency. Drinking plenty of water can also help combat symptoms of dryness, keeping your eyes adequately hydrated.

Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wear

Always carry your glasses with you in case you need to remove your contact lenses. Packing a travel-sized contact lens solution and rewetting drops can be very beneficial in unforeseen situations. Additionally, removing your lenses when showering, swimming, or engaging in water sports is essential to prevent any potential eye irritation or infection.

Implement These Tips for a Seamless Contact Lens Experience

At Clinic for Vision, we understand the importance of a comfortable and convenient contact lens-wearing experience. Contact us at 256-279-8500 to schedule an appointment and learn more about optimizing your contact lens journey for enhanced comfort and ease.