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Optical Questions And Answers

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What is the difference between an Optician and an Optometrist?

An Optometrist is a licensed graduate of an optometry school. They have 8 years of post-secondary education and possess the Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree.

An Optician is a skilled tradesperson, often with additional certification by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO). Most training is received on-the-job.

Frequently Asked Questions For Designer Frames

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What makes a designer frame more elegant than a typical frame?

Designers use their eye for creativity and style to craft a frame that looks good as it feels.

What are the benefits of using Silhouette brand & why is it superior?

Lightweight, European craftsmanship, durability, and classic style define Silhouette. Their comfort and ease of wear are unmatched.

What designer frames are for women? What style do they give off?

What type of women wear them? Coach and Michael Koors are popular in our office. They have a good mix of classic fashion and modern styling.

What designer frames are for men? Are they for sports or business/classy style?

Ray Ban, Oakley, and Coasta offer great looks and quality.

Do all designer frames work with every type of lens like single or progressive?

We use a slightly larger frame for progressive lenses compared to single vision.

What makes for a good designer pair of sunglasses?

A good sunglass is all about the lens. The right balance of color, back, and front surface coatings can't be found in cheap sunglasses. A great lens in a well-designed frame is what sets the top shelf brands like Coasta and Maui Jim apart. You can even get the factory made lens in your prescription.

What are the benefits of going to an Optical vs buying online? See below
Frequently Asked Questions For Services
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Can you put new Lenses into Frames I already own?

Yes, however, your frame may be discontinued and out of warranty. Accidents happen, and your frame may no longer be available.

How can I know if glasses look good on me? Is there a trade secret that Opticians have?

Our opticians are trained to find a good fitting and good looking frame. We consider your face shape, skin tone, hair style, lens prescription and how you plan to use the glasses when selecting your frame

How long does it typically take to get my glasses?

Custom made glasses are usually available in one to two weeks.

Do vision insurances cover designer frames? Is it worth spending more for it?

Yes! Quality is always a wise investment.

What is the warranty on the glasses that I buy at your optical?

Lenses and frames are guarantees against workmanship defects for one year. Most lens coatings are warranted against scratching for one year. Additional extended warranties are available that cover loss and breakage.

Do you have same day glasses service?


Do you repair glasses?


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Frequently Asked Questions For Eyeglasses

Is the shape of my face important for choosing glasses?

Absolutely! We consider your face shape, skin tone, hair style, lens prescription and how you plan to use the glasses when selecting your frame.

Many normal glasses feel tight on my head, do you also carry glasses that are good for big heads?


Do you have glasses that are also sunglasses, I think they are called Transition Lenses?

Yes, there are several options – different degrees of darkness and colors- in photochromic lenses

Frequently Asked Questions For Eyeglasses Lenses

What is the best way to clean my glasses?

Always rinse the lenses with water to remove dust or grit. A mild soap or eyeglass spray will remove any film. A  clean microfiber cloth will dry the lenses without streaking.

Can the lens of the glasses break? Should I buy special glasses for my child to prevent eye injuries?

Yes, eyeglass lenses can break. We only use safety grade polycarbonate lenses in children's eyeglasses.

How often should I get a new pair of glasses?

Eyeglass lenses get microscopic scratches over time. This makes them less clear and causes a lot of glare, especially with night driving. Even if your prescription remains the same updating the lenses and frame at least  every two years is recommended

What is anti reflective coating?

Reflections on the surface of the lenses can be very bothersome. Antireflection coatings make it possible to see more clearly and comfortably.

What kind of eyeglass lens do you use? Are there differences between brands?

The most important part of your eyeglasses is the lens. Most people do understand the technology involved in making a superior quality lens. This is especially true of progressive lenses. We use HOYA lenses, a leader in top quality lens designs. There is a definite difference in lens technology and quality. We believe our patients deserve the best.

What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses block glare from water, pavement, and reflective surfaces, making for a more clear and comfortable vision.

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Internet Eyeglasses

The internet offers a convenient shopping experience for many things.  However, there are some concerns when it comes to eyewear. Please note:

1. Not all lenses are the same

Most consumers do not realize the amount of technology that goes into lens design and manufacture. This is especially true of higher prescriptions and progressive no-line bifocals. Older out of date technology may be cheaper, but you will not see the same as with newer high-quality lenses.

2. Beauty is more than skin deep

A good looking picture of a frame does not always translate into well made, comfortable eyeglasses.

3. Not all lens coatings are the same

Again, there is a wide variation in the quality of anti-reflection coatings. Cheaper lens scratch and peel easily.

4. Proper measurements are essential

The size, shape, curvature, and fit of the frame need to be matched to the doctor's prescription for the eyewear to function properly. Trained opticians are skilled in the custom fitting of your eyewear. Simply supplying a PD measurement is not enough.

5. Adjustment and maintenance

Adjustment and maintenance of your glasses is part of every in-store purchase. There is no additional charge. However, there will be a charge to adjust or repair glasses we did not manufacture.

6. We guarantee our glasses

From the doctors prescription to the final product, we guarantee satisfaction with our work. However, we cannot warranty prescriptions manufactured outside our office.

7. As your home town optical

As your home town optical, we support your local schools and charities. We participate in helping improve the quality of life where you live. Dollars spent here stay in your community.

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