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Low Vision

Low vision is a condition associated with a number of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinopathy. It is defined as eyesight which is 20/70 or lower in the stronger eye, and can mean either a significant or a complete loss of central or peripheral vision, blurry vision, poor low-light vision, loss of light sensitivity and/or loss of contrast. Daily activities such as writing, watching TV, driving, or even recognizing the faces of loved ones may become exceedingly difficult to the point of being impossible for those afflicted by this common condition. Dr. Timothy Nichols specializes in helping those affected by this difficult condition. “This condition usually impacts the older population, but it can really affect anyone of any age! Unfortunately, this condition cannot be fully helped by eyeglasses, contacts, medicines or eye surgery, creating a situation which can seriously affect a person in exceedingly negative and debilitating ways.”
Since low vision cannot be fully corrected, a person with low vision must learn ways to continue to function independently with the sight still available to them. Dr. Nichols comments, “Those with low vision often become dependent on friends and family to perform daily tasks, which sometimes results in feelings of embarrassment and shame due to their increased inability to do things for themselves. It is important to know that even if you suffer from low vision, there are options for you to regain and maintain your independence.”
Dr. Nichols teaches his patients to utilize devices and techniques that allow those with low vision to use their remaining sight to remain as independent as possible. “At Clinic for Vision PC, we offer many devices from one of the most advanced low vision providers in the eyecare world today, eschenbach. From reading glasses and spectacle magnifiers, to hand-held, video and lamp magnifiers and telescopes, we are able to offer our patients incredible devices to help them maintain their independence despite the difficulties associated with their low vision.