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I couldn’t have asked for better eye care. Very professional yet so very kind and personable. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to anyone!
1 week ago
- John W.
fast Friendly and efficent
1 week ago
- Donna T.
Very friendly and professional
2 weeks ago
- Ron P.
Very friendly and thorough.
2 weeks ago
- Bridgette G.
Excellent doctors and staff. Highly recommend.
3 weeks ago
- Blue I.
I was actually amazed with my experience at Clinic for Vision. I had been there a few times for my daughter who has been using them for two years. I finally broke down and got my eyes checked because my vision has gotten worse the last year or so. Turns out, I probably should have had them checked 2 or 3 years ago because they’re not great. Although I was a new patient and they have the forms I could fill out prior to my appointment, I barely got seated on their comfortable sofa in the waiting room before they were already calling me back. They all were very professional, friendly, and thorough with explaining everything. I have what most people have, a supplemental Ins policy that doesn’t cover very much. I went in expecting to have to spend several hundreds of dollars but they showed me a popular brand, stylish, frames so I wouldn’t keep looking older as my hair has already accomplished that, and my insurance just so happened to have an extra discount at that particular time on those particular brands. With everything they had to do and the amount of time they had to spend explaining and answering my questions, I walked out of their with some great, glasses ordered that I really liked how they looked and felt for $150!!! Less than 2 days worth of groceries!! But the friendliness is what got me!!! I’d recommend them to anyone unless you’re a person that’s always mean and show no manners. You should go somewhere else because these people don’t deserve being treated badly!!!
3 weeks ago
- Beau C.
Excellent customer service
3 weeks ago
- Scott W.